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  1. Photo of Georgi Kropachyov

    Georgi Kropachyov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Konstantin Yershov

    Konstantin Yershov Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nikolay Gogol

    Nikolay Gogol Screenplay

  4. Photo of Leonid Kuravlyov

    Leonid Kuravlyov Cast

  5. Photo of Natalya Varley

    Natalya Varley Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksey Glazyrin

    Aleksey Glazyrin Cast

  7. Photo of Nikolay Kutuzov

    Nikolay Kutuzov Cast

  8. Photo of Vadim Zakharchenko

    Vadim Zakharchenko Cast

  9. Photo of Pyotr Vesklyarov

    Pyotr Vesklyarov Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Salnikov

    Vladimir Salnikov Cast

  11. Photo of Viktor Pishchalnikov

    Viktor Pishchalnikov Cinematography

  12. Photo of Fyodor Provorov

    Fyodor Provorov Cinematography

  13. Photo of Karen Khachaturyan

    Karen Khachaturyan Music

  14. Photo of Nikolai Markin

    Nikolai Markin Production Design

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Ptushko

    Aleksandr Ptushko Production Design and Screenplay

  16. Photo of R. Pesetskaya

    R. Pesetskaya Editing

  17. Photo of Tamara Zubova

    Tamara Zubova Editing

  18. Photo of Yevgeni Kashkevich

    Yevgeni Kashkevich Sound

  19. Photo of Irina Stulova

    Irina Stulova Sound

  20. Photo of Roza Satunovskaya

    Roza Satunovskaya Costume Design