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  1. Photo of Rolan Bykov

    Rolan Bykov Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Semyon Lungin

    Semyon Lungin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ilya Nusinov

    Ilya Nusinov Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aleksey Batalov

    Aleksey Batalov Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksei Yershov

    Aleksei Yershov Cast

  6. Photo of Andrei Samotolkin

    Andrei Samotolkin Cast

  7. Photo of Mikhail Martirosyan

    Mikhail Martirosyan Cast

  8. Photo of Galina Budanova

    Galina Budanova Cast

  9. Photo of Maryana Smirnova

    Maryana Smirnova Cast

  10. Photo of Iren Azer

    Iren Azer Cast

  11. Photo of Liliyan Malkina

    Liliyan Malkina Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksei Tolubeyev

    Aleksei Tolubeyev Cast

  13. Photo of Inga Volodina

    Inga Volodina Cast

  14. Photo of Natalya Baksheyeva

    Natalya Baksheyeva Cast

  15. Photo of Zoya Fyodorova

    Zoya Fyodorova Cast

  16. Photo of Rina Zelyonaya

    Rina Zelyonaya Cast

  17. Photo of Valentina Berezutskaya

    Valentina Berezutskaya Cast

  18. Photo of Vera Burlakova

    Vera Burlakova Cast

  19. Photo of Emiliya Milton

    Emiliya Milton Cast

  20. Photo of N. Nechayeva

    N. Nechayeva Cast

  21. Photo of Yuliya Pastukhova

    Yuliya Pastukhova Cast

  22. Photo of V. Varekhov

    V. Varekhov Cast

  23. Photo of Anatoli Mukasej

    Anatoli Mukasej Cinematography

  24. Photo of Andrei Petrov

    Andrei Petrov Music

  25. Photo of Yelena Surazhskaya

    Yelena Surazhskaya Editing

  26. Photo of Yevgeniya Indlina

    Yevgeniya Indlina Sound