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  1. Photo of Maurizio Castellano

    Maurizio Castellano Producer

  2. Photo of Paolo Lombardo

    Paolo Lombardo Producer

  3. Photo of Enzo Porcelli

    Enzo Porcelli Producer

  4. Photo of Massimo Costa

    Massimo Costa Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Marco Modugno

    Marco Modugno Screenplay

  6. Photo of Giulio Salinas

    Giulio Salinas Screenplay

  7. Photo of Giancarlo Scarchilli

    Giancarlo Scarchilli Screenplay

  8. Photo of Michele Soavi

    Michele Soavi Screenplay

  9. Photo of Roberto Meddi

    Roberto Meddi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Robert Egon

    Robert Egon Cast

  11. Photo of Antonella Ponziani

    Antonella Ponziani Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Zinny

    Karl Zinny Cast

  13. Photo of Prisca Dindo

    Prisca Dindo Cast

  14. Photo of Enza Negroni

    Enza Negroni Production Design

  15. Photo of Riccardo Giagni

    Riccardo Giagni Music