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  1. Photo of Francesco Salvi

    Francesco Salvi Director, Music, Cast, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mauro Berardi

    Mauro Berardi Producer

  3. Photo of Dario Viola

    Dario Viola Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lorenzo Beccati

    Lorenzo Beccati Screenplay

  5. Photo of Giovanni Pascutto

    Giovanni Pascutto Screenplay

  6. Photo of Camillo Bazzoni

    Camillo Bazzoni Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marco Predolin

    Marco Predolin Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara D'Urso

    Barbara D'Urso Cast

  9. Photo of Holly Higgins

    Holly Higgins Cast

  10. Photo of Enzo Braschi

    Enzo Braschi Cast

  11. Photo of Nguyen Duong Don

    Nguyen Duong Don Cast

  12. Photo of Franco Trevisi

    Franco Trevisi Cast

  13. Photo of Daniela Anselmo

    Daniela Anselmo Cast

  14. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing

  15. Photo of Mauro Radaelli

    Mauro Radaelli Production Design

  16. Photo of Donatella Giovanelli

    Donatella Giovanelli Costume Design