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  1. Photo of Dario Formisano

    Dario Formisano Producer

  2. Photo of Alessandro Boschi

    Alessandro Boschi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christian Yari Schembri

    Christian Yari Schembri Cinematography

  4. Photo of Alberto Crespi

    Alberto Crespi Cast and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Angelina Chavez

    Angelina Chavez Cast

  6. Photo of Furio Scarpelli

    Furio Scarpelli Cast

  7. Photo of Peppino Rotunno

    Peppino Rotunno Cast

  8. Photo of Giuliano Montaldo

    Giuliano Montaldo Cast

  9. Photo of Luciano Vincenzoni

    Luciano Vincenzoni Cast

  10. Photo of Maurizio Ponzi

    Maurizio Ponzi Cast

  11. Photo of Ettore Scola

    Ettore Scola Cast

  12. Photo of Vito Annichiarico

    Vito Annichiarico Cast

  13. Photo of Carlo Lizzani

    Carlo Lizzani Cast

  14. Photo of Mario Monicelli

    Mario Monicelli Cast

  15. Photo of Gianni Amelio

    Gianni Amelio Cast

  16. Photo of Vincenzo Cerami

    Vincenzo Cerami Cast

  17. Photo of Nanni Moretti

    Nanni Moretti Cast

  18. Photo of Paolo Ferrari

    Paolo Ferrari Cast

  19. Photo of Paolo Virzì

    Paolo Virzì Cast

  20. Photo of Sabrina Ferilli

    Sabrina Ferilli Cast

  21. Photo of Carlo Verdone

    Carlo Verdone Cast

  22. Photo of Ferzan Ozpetek

    Ferzan Ozpetek Cast

  23. Photo of Marco Bellocchio

    Marco Bellocchio Cast

  24. Photo of Gigi Proietti

    Gigi Proietti Cast

  25. Photo of Claudio Mancini

    Claudio Mancini Cast

  26. Photo of Armando Trovajoli

    Armando Trovajoli Cast

  27. Photo of Igor Molino Padovan

    Igor Molino Padovan Editing

  28. Photo of Lorenzo Scoles

    Lorenzo Scoles Editing

  29. Photo of Francesco Matera

    Francesco Matera Editing and Director

  30. Photo of Simone Santini

    Simone Santini Music