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  1. GEMMA's rating of the film Volcano

    Una historia muy lúcida y bella sobre la vejez, el amor, la vida y la muerte.

  2. Hodek Van Mealstrom's rating of the film Volcano

    Same as Haneke's Amour, but this is not as powerful.

  3. Montse's rating of the film Volcano

  4. Anika Frederica Laina's rating of the film Volcano

    A film which is hard to describe with words as words are insufficient if not superfluous. A masterpiece which elevates your feelings, makes you question your review of world and existence in such a simple way, avoiding any unnecessary didactic moral lessons. I wish I have seen "Eldfjall" before Haneke's "Amour".

  5. lemmontage's rating of the film Volcano

    amazing insights into relationships that have evolved ... there is a difference between between relationships in their beginning stages and relationships that have gone on for decades ... different logic systems

  6. Filipe Bezerra's rating of the film Volcano

    No, you don´t know what it is like to take care of someone, it takes a lot of love to do it. Like Haneke´s "Amour", Volcano shows how tender love can be as life gets cruel. But unlike the Oscar winning feature, Volcano has a bravery in it, a real character development that takes us to a next level of understanding from this thing called caring.

  7. Renato Friedmann's rating of the film Volcano

  8. James Demitriou's rating of the film Volcano

    I suppose we all grow old someday, we try to ignor the subject, and even then we are capable of love! Given it 5 stars!

  9. Halil Küçükyıldız's rating of the film Volcano

    a story about an old man that try to find himself by the help of his bedridden wife.

  10. Renton47's rating of the film Volcano

    Who do we live for? Do we live in the world or do we live in our minds? 'Volcano' is an understated and elegaic film which shows how our self and intentions are at the mercy of interpretation, and the self is the ultimate thing that we must come to terms with.

  11. gencerutkugediz's rating of the film Volcano

    Senaryo da biraz eksiklikler olsa da, görüntü yönetimi ve kurgusal olarak İzlanda'nın ağır ve soğuk havasında, yaşlı adamın bedeninin ağırlığını hissedebiliyoruz. Filme adapte olmakta sıkıntı çekmedim fakat konuda birkaç açık olduğunu düşünüyorum...

  12. MuratUyanık's rating of the film Volcano

    About Schmidt gibi başlayıp Amour gibi biten film.

  13. Daniel Hjorth's rating of the film Volcano

    I liked it. Beautiful photography

  14. k t's rating of the film Volcano

  15. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Volcano

    7/10, my review:

  16. Carlos Valenzuela Retamal's rating of the film Volcano

  17. Marco's rating of the film Volcano

    Touching image of sadness. As life starts again after the bitterness of retirement, a stroke brokes everything. Then, the descent, to the final epilogue. And yet, life goes on.

  18. blyniukas's rating of the film Volcano

    Wonderful film. I would prefer this to Hanneke's 'Amour' any day. So human, so incredibly moving. Didn't find myself bored for a second. Highly recommend for those who don't shy away from existential themes and subtle film-making. Beautifully made, indeed!

  19. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Volcano

    Beautifully made, but relentlessly bleak. I almost wish I hadn't seen it because it will stay with me. And I don't know if that's good or bad.

  20. DrFirestone's rating of the film Volcano

    Excellent! This film is moving, it's a story about getting old, about love, about human relationships. Acting is absolutely first class, kind or minimalistic I would say and "to the point", very realistic in my opinion, which fits to the whole film. Absolutely beautiful scenery! Definitely worth watching!

  21. caroline's rating of the film Volcano

    Runarsson really knows what he's doing. His decision making in this film is mainly spot on: exceptional framing & composition of shots. The acting compliments the superb directing- fantastic performances in challenging roles. An impressive balance of narrative-character development with enough ambiguity to allow the viewer freedom to perceive in a more open way. Excellent film.

  22. Niall Mills's rating of the film Volcano

    Simply an exceptional movie. I have no words, honestly, none.

  23. SiIencio's rating of the film Volcano

    Superficial and intellectually irrelevant. Hannes is a deeply paradoxical character poorly drafted. There is no explanation as to why the grumpy old janitor, after a major silent epiphany, is able to empathise & care again which makes the experience illogical & vacuous. Runarsson steps on even more controversial ground when disguising brutal euthanasia as an act of love without intellectually engaging with the issue.

  24. Oliver Ashworth's rating of the film Volcano

    Beautiful and heart-breaking, it makes you consider what is truly important and that which you must hold dear.

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