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  1. Photo of Enzo Porcelli

    Enzo Porcelli Producer

  2. Photo of Marco Poccioni

    Marco Poccioni Producer

  3. Photo of Marco Valsania

    Marco Valsania Producer

  4. Photo of Andrea Barzini

    Andrea Barzini Screenplay, Director

  5. Photo of Ludovica Marineo

    Ludovica Marineo Screenplay

  6. Photo of Umberto Marino

    Umberto Marino Screenplay

  7. Photo of Maurizio Dell'Orco

    Maurizio Dell'Orco Cinematography

  8. Photo of Marco Galli

    Marco Galli Cast

  9. Photo of Enrico Lo Verso

    Enrico Lo Verso Cast

  10. Photo of Paola Magnanini

    Paola Magnanini Cast

  11. Photo of Lydia Biondi

    Lydia Biondi Cast

  12. Photo of Anna Lelio

    Anna Lelio Cast

  13. Photo of Riccardo Rossi

    Riccardo Rossi Cast

  14. Photo of Massimo Ghini

    Massimo Ghini Cast

  15. Photo of Carla Cassola

    Carla Cassola Cast

  16. Photo of Alberto Molinari

    Alberto Molinari Cast

  17. Photo of Eleonora Danco

    Eleonora Danco Cast

  18. Photo of Marina Giulia Cavalli

    Marina Giulia Cavalli Cast

  19. Photo of Valentina Forte

    Valentina Forte Cast

  20. Photo of Federico Scribani

    Federico Scribani Cast

  21. Photo of Carolina Salome

    Carolina Salome Cast

  22. Photo of Elena Bermani

    Elena Bermani Cast

  23. Photo of Simona Paggi

    Simona Paggi Editing

  24. Photo of Massimo Spano

    Massimo Spano Production Design

  25. Photo of Daniele Marchitelli

    Daniele Marchitelli Music

  26. Photo of Danilo Rea

    Danilo Rea Music

  27. Photo of Paola Bonucci

    Paola Bonucci Costume Design