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  1. Photo of Maurice Tourneur

    Maurice Tourneur Director

  2. Photo of Jacques de Baroncelli

    Jacques de Baroncelli Director

  3. Photo of Ben Jonson

    Ben Jonson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jules Romains

    Jules Romains Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stefan Zweig

    Stefan Zweig Screenplay

  6. Photo of Harry Baur

    Harry Baur Cast

  7. Photo of Louis Jouvet

    Louis Jouvet Cast

  8. Photo of Charles Dullin

    Charles Dullin Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Témerson

    Jean Témerson Cast

  10. Photo of Fernand Ledoux

    Fernand Ledoux Cast

  11. Photo of Jacqueline Delubac

    Jacqueline Delubac Cast

  12. Photo of Marion Dorian

    Marion Dorian Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Rignault

    Alexandre Rignault Cast

  14. Photo of Louis Frémont

    Louis Frémont Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Seller

    Robert Seller Cast

  16. Photo of Jean Lambert

    Jean Lambert Cast

  17. Photo of Colette Regis

    Colette Regis Cast

  18. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  19. Photo of Marcel Delannoy

    Marcel Delannoy Music

  20. Photo of André Barsacq

    André Barsacq Production Design

  21. Photo of Elisabeth Soutzo

    Elisabeth Soutzo Producer

  22. Photo of Marcel Cravenne

    Marcel Cravenne Editing

  23. Photo of Charles Guirlinger

    Charles Guirlinger Sound