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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Von Trier's 100 Eyes

    'Dancer in the Dark' was a sublime collaboration between Von Trier, crew and Bjork and this mid length documentary offers a somewhat superficial but interesting peak behind the scenes. We see the playfully depressed Von Trier at work but fail to see the emotional terrorism that Bjork later stated she went through before walking off set. Von Trier is a dynamite director of women but sometimes one wonders at what cost.

  2. Shelly Hatlestad's rating of the film Von Trier's 100 Eyes

    This will probably appeal only to fans of Lars Von Trier and Dancer in the Dark, but it is an interesting doc. There is a very funny scene where Catherine Deneuve has to remind von Trier that Selma is blind. This scene makes the entire film worth the watch.

  3. Shelley's rating of the film Von Trier's 100 Eyes

    "She is able to see life through a musical filter, which she imposes. But where the musical would normally celebrate-the great and perfect-it is the little human errors that are celebrated here."