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  1. Photo of Francesco Milizia

    Francesco Milizia Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tito Carpi

    Tito Carpi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Osvaldo Civirani

    Osvaldo Civirani Screenplay, Director

  4. Photo of Walter Civirani

    Walter Civirani Cinematography

  5. Photo of Mauro Contini

    Mauro Contini Editing

  6. Photo of Pier Vittorio Marchi

    Pier Vittorio Marchi Production Design

  7. Photo of Coriolano Gori

    Coriolano Gori Music

  8. Photo of Karin Schubert

    Karin Schubert Cast

  9. Photo of Chris Avram

    Chris Avram Cast

  10. Photo of Luigi Angelillo

    Luigi Angelillo Cast

  11. Photo of Don Powell

    Don Powell Cast, Music

  12. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  13. Photo of Rita Orlando

    Rita Orlando Cast

  14. Photo of Franco Ressel

    Franco Ressel Cast