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  1. Photo of François Dupont-Midi

    François Dupont-Midi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pierre Frachet

    Pierre Frachet Novel

  3. Photo of Charles Denner

    Charles Denner Cast

  4. Photo of Pierre Mondy

    Pierre Mondy Cast

  5. Photo of Bernard Le Coq

    Bernard Le Coq Cast

  6. Photo of Micheline Luccioni

    Micheline Luccioni Cast

  7. Photo of Marion Game

    Marion Game Cast

  8. Photo of Romain Bouteille

    Romain Bouteille Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Obé

    Jean Obé Cast

  10. Photo of Tonie Marshall

    Tonie Marshall Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Pierre Rambal

    Jean-Pierre Rambal Cast

  12. Photo of Clément Harari

    Clément Harari Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Van Dooren

    Jacques Van Dooren Cast

  14. Photo of Christian de Tillière

    Christian de Tillière Cast

  15. Photo of Antoine Mosin

    Antoine Mosin Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Lycan

    Georges Lycan Cast

  17. Photo of Louis Navarre

    Louis Navarre Cast

  18. Photo of Jean-Paul Schwartz

    Jean-Paul Schwartz Cinematography

  19. Photo of Claude Bolling

    Claude Bolling Music

  20. Photo of Eric Moulard

    Eric Moulard Production Design

  21. Photo of Georges Dancigers

    Georges Dancigers Producer

  22. Photo of Alexandre Mnouchkine

    Alexandre Mnouchkine Producer

  23. Photo of Renée Deschamps

    Renée Deschamps Editing

  24. Photo of Françoise Javet

    Françoise Javet Editing

  25. Photo of Denise Duke

    Denise Duke Costume Design