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  1. Photo of Pierre Prévert

    Pierre Prévert Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claude Accursi

    Claude Accursi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Nohain

    Jean Nohain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maurice Diamant-Berger

    Maurice Diamant-Berger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jacques Prévert

    Jacques Prévert Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jean Bourgoin

    Jean Bourgoin Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jacques Desagneaux

    Jacques Desagneaux Editing

  8. Photo of Raymonde le Jeune

    Raymonde le Jeune Editing

  9. Photo of Alexandre Trauner

    Alexandre Trauner Production Design

  10. Photo of Joseph Kosma

    Joseph Kosma Music

  11. Photo of Louis Hochet

    Louis Hochet Sound

  12. Photo of Louis Perrin

    Louis Perrin Sound

  13. Photo of Thérèse Aspar

    Thérèse Aspar Cast

  14. Photo of Maurice Baquet

    Maurice Baquet Cast

  15. Photo of René Bourbon

    René Bourbon Cast

  16. Photo of Dominique Brévant

    Dominique Brévant Cast

  17. Photo of Roger Caccia

    Roger Caccia Cast

  18. Photo of Martine Carol

    Martine Carol Cast

  19. Photo of Lucien Carol

    Lucien Carol Cast

  20. Photo of Niko Dakis

    Niko Dakis Cast

  21. Photo of Etienne Decroux

    Etienne Decroux Cast

  22. Photo of Thérèse Dorny

    Thérèse Dorny Cast

  23. Photo of Jeanne Dussol

    Jeanne Dussol Cast

  24. Photo of Jacques-Henry Duval

    Jacques-Henry Duval Cast

  25. Photo of Fernand René

    Fernand René Cast

  26. Photo of Claire Gérard

    Claire Gérard Cast

  27. Photo of Max Révol

    Max Révol Cast

  28. Photo of Charles Lavialle

    Charles Lavialle Cast

  29. Photo of Christian Simon

    Christian Simon Cast

  30. Photo of Robert Lombard

    Robert Lombard Cast

  31. Photo of Sinoël

    Sinoël Cast

  32. Photo of Gaston Orbal

    Gaston Orbal Cast

  33. Photo of Georges Vitsoris

    Georges Vitsoris Cast

  34. Photo of Cécilia Paroldi

    Cécilia Paroldi Cast

  35. Photo of Piéral

    Piéral Cast

  36. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  37. Photo of Annette Poivre

    Annette Poivre Cast

  38. Photo of Lucien Raimbourg

    Lucien Raimbourg Cast