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  1. Photo of Charles Bennett

    Charles Bennett Screenplay

  2. Photo of Walter Pidgeon

    Walter Pidgeon Cast

  3. Photo of Joan Fontaine

    Joan Fontaine Cast

  4. Photo of Barbara Eden

    Barbara Eden Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Lorre

    Peter Lorre Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Sterling

    Robert Sterling Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Ansara

    Michael Ansara Cast

  8. Photo of Frankie Avalon

    Frankie Avalon Cast

  9. Photo of Regis Toomey

    Regis Toomey Cast

  10. Photo of John Litel

    John Litel Cast

  11. Photo of Howard McNear

    Howard McNear Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Daniell

    Henry Daniell Cast

  13. Photo of Skip Ward

    Skip Ward Cast

  14. Photo of Mark Slade

    Mark Slade Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Tannen

    Charles Tannen Cast

  16. Photo of Del Monroe

    Del Monroe Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Easton

    Robert Easton Cast

  18. Photo of Jonathan Gilmore

    Jonathan Gilmore Cast

  19. Photo of Winton C. Hoch

    Winton C. Hoch Cinematography

  20. Photo of Paul Sawtell

    Paul Sawtell Music

  21. Photo of Bert Shefter

    Bert Shefter Music

  22. Photo of Irwin Allen

    Irwin Allen Producer, Story, Screenplay Director

  23. Photo of George Boemler

    George Boemler Editing

  24. Photo of Alfred Bruzlin

    Alfred Bruzlin Sound

  25. Photo of Warren B. Delaplain

    Warren B. Delaplain Sound

  26. Photo of Paul Zastupnevich

    Paul Zastupnevich Costume Design

  27. Photo of Herman A. Blumenthal

    Herman A. Blumenthal Art Department

  28. Photo of Jack Martin Smith

    Jack Martin Smith Art Department

  29. Photo of Walter M. Scott

    Walter M. Scott Art Department

  30. Photo of John Sturtevant

    John Sturtevant Art Department

  31. Photo of Johnny Borgese

    Johnny Borgese Special Effects

  32. Photo of L.B. Abbott

    L.B. Abbott Visual Effects