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  1. Photo of Scud

    Scud Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Linda So

    Linda So Cast

  3. Photo of Debra Baker

    Debra Baker Cast

  4. Photo of Byron Pang

    Byron Pang Cast

  5. Photo of Sebastian Castro

    Sebastian Castro Cast

  6. Photo of Leon Hill

    Leon Hill Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Siu

    Susan Siu Cast

  8. Photo of Adrian Ron Heung

    Adrian Ron Heung Cast

  9. Photo of Haze Leung

    Haze Leung Cast

  10. Photo of Ryo Van Kooten

    Ryo Van Kooten Cast

  11. Photo of Jason Poon

    Jason Poon Cast

  12. Photo of Charlie Lam

    Charlie Lam Cinematography

  13. Photo of Annie Lau

    Annie Lau Producer

  14. Photo of Leni Speidel

    Leni Speidel Producer and Cast

  15. Photo of Andrew Chan

    Andrew Chan Editing

  16. Photo of Matthew Hui

    Matthew Hui Editing