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917 Ratings


Directed by Oliver Stone
United States, Australia, 2008
Drama, Biography, Comedy


A chronicle of the life and presidency of George W. Bush.

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W. Directed by Oliver Stone

Critics reviews

Stone’s film is a total wet blanket, failing both as a political indictment and as a comedy. I remember feeling disappointed watching it after it first came out, and it hasn’t improved upon a more recent viewing. Josh Brolin does a wonderful imitation of the 43rd president, and brings a great deal of nuance to the character. Yet that’s not enough to carry its conventional storyline, told from W.’s perspective, which traces his journey of fratty ignominy at Yale to West Texas to the White House.
February 18, 2016
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What are people saying?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film W.

    One thing that struck me about this film: Stone's portrayal of Bush as a total hedonist. Even after W. puts down the drink, there's rarely a shot where Brolin isn't guzzling Dr. Pepper or shoveling potato chips. I have to feel this would have been a more interesting movie for Stone to make now vs. when these wounds were fresh in 2008, but it's all the more chilling when Donald Rumsfeld declares "Drain the swamp!"

  • Hunter Duesing's rating of the film W.

    While W. is fun to watch mainly because of dynamite performances from Brolin, Banks, Cromwell, Dreyfuss, and Toby Jones, the timing of this movie makes it instantly erroneous and irrelevant as an interpretation of history. It is simply too close to the events for it to possibly say anything remotely interesting about George Bush, it's a subject that can't be properly examined for a long time.

  • mjgildea's rating of the film W.

    Points for Josh Brolin but the rest of this movie is astonishly boring. All I saw were a bunch of vignettes/dramatic re-enactments from Bush's life that I'd already heard about. I'd expect something more illuminating from Stone.

  • Partner in der Kriminalität's rating of the film W.

    Not great which was a disappointment as I do like Stone. Missed the ball on several notes. I'm by no means a fan of Bush but I thought they should have included a scene when Bush saluted the soldier. Also Thandie Newton's performance was atrocious. Comparable to Jar Jar...and I'm being generous. Whoever hired her as Condoleezza Rice failed and should be fired. The rest of the acting was good and I did enjoy Brolin.

  • Bret Bynum's rating of the film W.

    One of Oliver Stone's most overlooked masterpieces! A film not for Bush or against Bush, but about Bush. Based mostly on fact, here is a movie not about the bad decisions, but about the man who made those bad decisions. Just like the last shot represents (to me), Bush was set up for so much greatness, but because of things that weren't totally in his control, he failed. And he will forever be tortured by that.

  • IndyLIVE's rating of the film W.

    A film that gets better with each viewing. Oliver Stone is one of the great American filmmakers and this is a triumphant return to form. He has never been afraid to tackle difficult subjects and this is no exception. I have a feeling people will not be able to see this film objectively for some time, but if you can see it that way you find so much humor, keen observation, brilliant acting, and great storytelling.

  • aurkihnowe's rating of the film W.

    The nation's first mentally challenged president (and not in a huggy, gentle Special Olympics way like my late brother) gets the Oliver Stone treatment...while we laughed at his charmling mangling of Americanese, Dubya ignored warnings of threats, then, when threats resolved into horror, started wars based on false/shoddy evidence, avoided impeachment/the ICC, and, the coup de gross, began a 1-person human zoo, shhhh

  • Thomas Dods's rating of the film W.

    Whilst some of the performances are fun (though nothing that wasn't bettered on SNL), I still don't understand what drove Oliver Stone to make this film and I don't think he knew either. Tries to attack and humanise "dubya" at the same time. The political landscape has changed so much now that this flawed film has been consigned to curio status.

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