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  1. Photo of Leopold Lindtberg

    Leopold Lindtberg Director

  2. Photo of Horst Budjuhn

    Horst Budjuhn Screenplay

  3. Photo of Friedrich Glauser

    Friedrich Glauser Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kurt Guggenheim

    Kurt Guggenheim Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Schweizer

    Richard Schweizer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lazar Wechsler

    Lazar Wechsler Producer

  7. Photo of Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Music

  8. Photo of Emil Berna

    Emil Berna Cinematography

  9. Photo of Käthe Mey

    Käthe Mey Editing

  10. Photo of Robert Furrer

    Robert Furrer Production Design

  11. Photo of Hans Bittman

    Hans Bittman Sound

  12. Photo of Heinrich Gretler

    Heinrich Gretler Cast

  13. Photo of Adolf Manz

    Adolf Manz Cast

  14. Photo of Bertha Danegger

    Bertha Danegger Cast

  15. Photo of Armin Schweizer

    Armin Schweizer Cast

  16. Photo of Ellen Widmann

    Ellen Widmann Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Trösch

    Robert Trösch Cast

  18. Photo of Anne-Marie Blanc

    Anne-Marie Blanc Cast

  19. Photo of Robert Bichler

    Robert Bichler Cast

  20. Photo of Hans Kaes

    Hans Kaes Cast

  21. Photo of Zarli Carigiet

    Zarli Carigiet Cast

  22. Photo of Rudolf Bernhard

    Rudolf Bernhard Cast

  23. Photo of Sigfrit Steiner

    Sigfrit Steiner Cast

  24. Photo of Alfred Lucca

    Alfred Lucca Cast

  25. Photo of Rita Liechti

    Rita Liechti Cast

  26. Photo of Mathilde Danegger

    Mathilde Danegger Cast

  27. Photo of Willi Ackermann

    Willi Ackermann Cast

  28. Photo of Lukas Ammann

    Lukas Ammann Cast

  29. Photo of Emil Gerber

    Emil Gerber Cast

  30. Photo of Carlo Bertozza

    Carlo Bertozza Cast

  31. Photo of Arnold Müdespacher

    Arnold Müdespacher Cast