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  1. EdieEmm's rating of the film Waging War

    And then one day we're not kids anymore, without ever having reached adulthood... Gorgeously depicted, beautifully acted, subtle little film. The Ave Maria during the game was sublime. Will be keeping tabs on these guys...

  2. m00njaguar's rating of the film Waging War

    Movies about youth, like romance movies, are common, but difficult to do well, This one does. It doesn't fall into the usual easy traps of excessive nostalgia, retro music or sappy emotions. These are young adults with the flaws of adults. As try to relive a fun child's game, they still carry who they are now as grown-ups. A recognition of time's passage.. Nicely done, well-acted.

  3. tsamaroden's rating of the film Waging War

    7 cousins try to play a game from their childhood, but different reasons keep them from fully committing to the game, and the game ends. Beautiful black and white cinematography and great acting. Loved it.

  4. Ray Langenbach's rating of the film Waging War

  5. Costin Andrei's rating of the film Waging War

    reminded me of my childhood...

  6. B o g d a n's rating of the film Waging War

  7. Efe Reis's rating of the film Waging War

    Can you still play a children's game if you are no longer neither a child nor a player?

  8. Kamran's rating of the film Waging War

    A thoughtful, finely composed, and dynamically realized short subtly commenting on adolescent existential angst. 69/100 - Decent (2.5).

  9. saitosouta's rating of the film Waging War

    The reason I love MUBI is that MUBI streams movies I've never known completely. So, I think this is solidly white-and-black, somewhat very sensual (I feel during watching contemporary French films like "Fort Buchanan" sometimes), hilariously noisy Wow-I-don't-know-such-a-good-thing-exists film. I don't know Castro or Forest honestly, but I'm looking forward to their next step.

  10. Noémie Monteuse's rating of the film Waging War

    Largement préféré "Jeanne" du même réalisateur. Y a des fulgurances, de la poésie mais gâchée par cette impression de parler à vide, de générer des beautés artificielles et d'être dans un cinéma qui ne se parle qu'à lui-même (surtout la scène d'introduction, sorte d'improvisation prétentieuse). "Jeanne" se défaisait de ce maniérisme pour gagner en créativité et émotion.