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  1. Photo of Claude Sautet

    Claude Sautet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean-Loup Dabadie

    Jean-Loup Dabadie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yves Montand

    Yves Montand Cast

  4. Photo of Nicole Garcia

    Nicole Garcia Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Villeret

    Jacques Villeret Cast

  6. Photo of Yves Robert

    Yves Robert Cast

  7. Photo of Hubert Deschamps

    Hubert Deschamps Cast

  8. Photo of Rosy Varte

    Rosy Varte Cast

  9. Photo of Marie Dubois

    Marie Dubois Cast

  10. Photo of Dominique Laffin

    Dominique Laffin Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre-Loup Rajot

    Pierre-Loup Rajot Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Claude Bouillaud

    Jean-Claude Bouillaud Cast

  13. Photo of Nicolas Vogel

    Nicolas Vogel Cast

  14. Photo of Bernard Fresson

    Bernard Fresson Cast

  15. Photo of Annick Alane

    Annick Alane Cast

  16. Photo of Clémentine Célarié

    Clémentine Célarié Cast

  17. Photo of Viviane Blassel

    Viviane Blassel Cast

  18. Photo of Gérald Calderon

    Gérald Calderon Cast

  19. Photo of Marianne Comtell

    Marianne Comtell Cast

  20. Photo of Georges Claisse

    Georges Claisse Cast

  21. Photo of Jenny Astruc

    Jenny Astruc Cast

  22. Photo of Henri Génès

    Henri Génès Cast

  23. Photo of Carlo Nell

    Carlo Nell Cast

  24. Photo of Simon de La Brosse

    Simon de La Brosse Cast

  25. Photo of Jean Boffety

    Jean Boffety Cinematography

  26. Photo of Philippe Sarde

    Philippe Sarde Music

  27. Photo of Dominique André

    Dominique André Production Design

  28. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Producer

  29. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Producer

  30. Photo of Antoine Gannagé

    Antoine Gannagé Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Jacqueline Thiédot

    Jacqueline Thiédot Editing

  32. Photo of Pierre Lenoir

    Pierre Lenoir Sound