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  1. Photo of Curt Truninger

    Curt Truninger Screenplay, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Roy Dupuis

    Roy Dupuis Cast

  3. Photo of Renée Coleman

    Renée Coleman Cast

  4. Photo of Ruth Marshall

    Ruth Marshall Cast

  5. Photo of Rick Roberts

    Rick Roberts Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Keleghan

    Peter Keleghan Cast

  7. Photo of Jeremy Chance

    Jeremy Chance Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Adam

    Michael Adam Cast

  9. Photo of Marc Gomes

    Marc Gomes Cast

  10. Photo of Claire Rankin

    Claire Rankin Cast

  11. Photo of Myra Fried

    Myra Fried Cast

  12. Photo of Stewart Bick

    Stewart Bick Cast

  13. Photo of George King

    George King Cast

  14. Photo of Kevin Jubinville

    Kevin Jubinville Cast

  15. Photo of Larry Lynn

    Larry Lynn Cinematography

  16. Photo of Claude Desjardins

    Claude Desjardins Music

  17. Photo of Erick Robertson

    Erick Robertson Music

  18. Photo of Jasna Stefanovic

    Jasna Stefanovic Production Design

  19. Photo of Ingrid Jurek

    Ingrid Jurek Production Design

  20. Photo of John Bradshaw

    John Bradshaw Producer

  21. Photo of Margrit Ritzmann

    Margrit Ritzmann Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Marc J. Wintsch

    Marc J. Wintsch Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Jeff Warren

    Jeff Warren Editing