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  1. Photo of Davi Pretto

    Davi Pretto Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Marcelo Casagrande

    Marcelo Casagrande Cast

  3. Photo of Ian Ramil

    Ian Ramil Cast

  4. Photo of Jonao Carlos Castanha

    Jonao Carlos Castanha Cast

  5. Photo of Marcos Contreras

    Marcos Contreras Cast

  6. Photo of Heinz Limaverde

    Heinz Limaverde Cast

  7. Photo of Eduardo Púa

    Eduardo Púa Cinematography

  8. Photo of Diego Poloni

    Diego Poloni Music

  9. Photo of Paola Wink

    Paola Wink Producer

  10. Photo of Bruno Carboni

    Bruno Carboni Editing and Director

  11. Photo of Tiago Bello

    Tiago Bello Sound