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  1. Photo of John Farrow

    John Farrow Director

  2. Photo of Joseph Sistrom

    Joseph Sistrom Producer

  3. Photo of W.R. Burnett

    W.R. Burnett Screenplay

  4. Photo of Frank Butler

    Frank Butler Screenplay

  5. Photo of William C. Mellor

    William C. Mellor Cinematography

  6. Photo of Theodor Sparkuhl

    Theodor Sparkuhl Cinematography

  7. Photo of Brian Donlevy

    Brian Donlevy Cast

  8. Photo of Macdonald Carey

    Macdonald Carey Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Preston

    Robert Preston Cast

  10. Photo of William Bendix

    William Bendix Cast

  11. Photo of Albert Dekker

    Albert Dekker Cast

  12. Photo of Walter Abel

    Walter Abel Cast

  13. Photo of Mikhail Rasumny

    Mikhail Rasumny Cast

  14. Photo of Rod Cameron

    Rod Cameron Cast

  15. Photo of Bill Goodwin

    Bill Goodwin Cast

  16. Photo of Damian O'Flynn

    Damian O'Flynn Cast

  17. Photo of Frank Albertson

    Frank Albertson Cast

  18. Photo of Barbara Britton

    Barbara Britton Cast

  19. Photo of Phillip Terry

    Phillip Terry Cast

  20. Photo of Don Castle

    Don Castle Cast

  21. Photo of Frank Bracht

    Frank Bracht Editing

  22. Photo of LeRoy Stone

    LeRoy Stone Editing

  23. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  24. Photo of A. Earl Hedrick

    A. Earl Hedrick Production Design

  25. Photo of David Buttolph

    David Buttolph Music

  26. Photo of John Cope

    John Cope Sound

  27. Photo of Philip Wisdom

    Philip Wisdom Sound