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  1. Photo of Ugo Pirro

    Ugo Pirro Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Hoffmann

    Robert Hoffmann Cast

  3. Photo of Gian Maria Volontè

    Gian Maria Volontè Cast

  4. Photo of Lisa Gastoni

    Lisa Gastoni Cast

  5. Photo of Claudio Camaso

    Claudio Camaso Cast

  6. Photo of Ottavio Fanfani

    Ottavio Fanfani Cast

  7. Photo of Corrado Olmi

    Corrado Olmi Cast

  8. Photo of Renato Niccolai

    Renato Niccolai Cast

  9. Photo of Pupo De Luca

    Pupo De Luca Cast

  10. Photo of Augusto Bonardi

    Augusto Bonardi Cast

  11. Photo of Renato Terra

    Renato Terra Cast

  12. Photo of Emilio Delle Piane

    Emilio Delle Piane Cast

  13. Photo of Roberto Maldera

    Roberto Maldera Cast

  14. Photo of Aldo Suligoj

    Aldo Suligoj Cast

  15. Photo of Piero Buttarelli

    Piero Buttarelli Cast

  16. Photo of Armando Nannuzzi

    Armando Nannuzzi Cinematography

  17. Photo of Ennio Morricone

    Ennio Morricone Music

  18. Photo of Franco Bottari

    Franco Bottari Production Design

  19. Photo of Jacques Bar

    Jacques Bar Producer

  20. Photo of Joseph Fryd

    Joseph Fryd Producer

  21. Photo of Carlo Lizzani

    Carlo Lizzani Producer, Screenplay Director

  22. Photo of Franco Fraticelli

    Franco Fraticelli Editing