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  1. Eliza Lupu's rating of the film Walker

  2. Nachtreich's rating of the film Walker

    ☆☆☆ e mezzo. La chiusura è proprio |

  3. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Walker

    A spiritual walk through time.

  4. pezfelinoespia's rating of the film Walker

    Genial corto... me sentí un poco identificado, ya que me han dicho tortugo, perezoso, koala y peyu jajajajja,pero bueno, una buenísima forma de demostrar el ritmo de vida que se suele llevar y que aún existen seres que viven en otro ritmo, lo más notable es que muchas veces nadie los pesca ya que todos viven en su mundo y a su ritmo, no pierden el tiempo en los demás...todo esto queda totalmente reflejado en el corto

  5. bagno's rating of the film Walker

  6. Oh, hi Denny's rating of the film Walker

    goes against the world we're building around us

  7. Scott Baker's rating of the film Walker

    Hard to tell if this is the funniest comedy movie ever or a horrible attempt at an artistic short. Not really worth the watch but the part where the monk takes about one minute to make a single step, whilst onlookers gawk, and one lone man imitates him, is hilarious.

  8. anarresti's rating of the film Walker

    Probably, I need to see it again. Because it was so well done, that I cannot, yet, decide how much more to it there is than the obvious aesthetic achievment. And my indecision comes from my inclination to these sorts of exercises. I did not have any dificulty in letting myself be led my the contrasting velocities. But the scenes follow a formula that is not, aparentely, doing anything else, except executing itself.

  9. EdieEmm's rating of the film Walker

    Once, I lamented the lack of filmmakers who use sound the way I understand it - intensely; almost as a character itself. Then I found Tsai Ming-Liang. Yet, sublime as the sound design is, it can't explain the way - the unprecedented depth to which - his films make me FEEL... Neither can I. Some emotional alchemy... Anyway: A brilliant film, affecting, & more than a bit cheeky (think I'm slow? I'll show you slow.) 4.5

  10. Luis Pires's rating of the film Walker

  11. Kamran's rating of the film Walker

    An elegant but incomplete companion piece to the transcendent masterpiece that is Journey to the West.

  12. linuskendall's rating of the film Walker

    Requires a special mood, slow and meditative to the extreme. Best watched when you're calm and feel you've got no real need to do much at all.

  13. Chichago_'s rating of the film Walker

    A great reminder to slow down and you do not need to rush everything. It is true that everything takes time, but in the end you will eventually reach your destination.

  14. joey Noodles's rating of the film Walker

    The world rushes by, only few stop to notice he who slows down. Buses, lights, posters, ads, cars, people, people, people... 4/5

  15. Kadjavsi's rating of the film Walker

    are you a patient human being? find out watching this

  16. R.P.'s rating of the film Walker

  17. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film Walker

    An astounding short film. Surprisingly, though, this is my introduction to Tsai, and I look forward to further exploration of his filmography. Perhaps the most fascinating 25 minutes I've seen in a good while.

  18. Florence's rating of the film Walker

    how to slow down! walking is living and proves that we don't have to rush every second of our live. a grand short!

  19. H. K. ‡'s rating of the film Walker

    Watch it here:

  20. Chayanin Tiangpitayagorn's rating of the film Walker

  21. David Grillo's rating of the film Walker

    I really enjoy the synopsis on top. Tsai envokes all the power you have as a viewer. He does this in all his films I believe but this one and its feelings is...Special...Spiritual.

  22. Gondo's rating of the film Walker

    Poor Lee Kang-sheng. His meal was probably all cold by the time he reached his destination.