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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Walker

    Bizarre, nearly neo-pagan, evocation of William Walker's 'filibustering' that capitalizes on an exemplary Ed Harris in the eponymous role, who is a contradictory amalgam of visionary irrational politics and realism. The surreal anachronisms work less effectively than Cox's homage to Peckinpah and, overall, while an impressive film it is marred by its frenzied -like Walker's- ambition. Worth watching, to be sure!

  2. bryanvmh's rating of the film Walker

    "You've betrayed your principles, your people, your country." "Yes, but the ends justify the means." "What are the ends?" "I don't know."

  3. Ethan's rating of the film Walker

    This is a brilliant and unique film that features an extraordinary performance from the always badass Ed Harris. At times this film feels like a Sam Peckinpah acid trip.

  4. Alex's rating of the film Walker

    There is a quality that is both silly and menacing that attracts me to this movie (no other moive I can think of achieves this). This is one of those things that a director can not strive for, but only end up with restrospectively or after the fact (possibly, a by-product of being a good director).

  5. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Walker

    Anchored by a powerful performance from Ed Harris, Cox's anarchic & imaginative political commentary on U.S. imperialism in Nicaragua has lost none of its satirical significance or relevance in the era directly following the Iraq war. Much of the film's blending of slow-mo Peckinpah inspired carnage & in-depth social discourse could be seen as precursor to Django Unchained, but with much greater intelligence & scope.

  6. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Walker

    I don't think this is a misunderstood masterpiece (there's a line between anarchic and simply inchoate, and this crosses it at times), but it's certainly punk as fuck.

  7. traag-1's rating of the film Walker

    highly watchable film...I watched this back to back with Three Businessmen and realised I need to delve deeper into his back catalogue. Ed Harris hasn't been better! One scene had him shoot a man after saying " I never liked you anyway" and it reminded me quickly of glengarry Glen Ross :)

  8. Damian's rating of the film Walker

    Enjoyably surreal and sporadically brilliant.

  9. Ghostman's rating of the film Walker

    One of the best films of the 80s.

  10. PolarisDiB's rating of the film Walker

    Ed Harris' Walker is an imperialist Don Quixote living a strongly charismatic delusional adventure while the world falls apart around him. Alex Cox's Walker is the presentation of that man while using purposeful anachronism to point out that the character is the continuing nature of the United States' foreign policy. --PolarisDiB

  11. D/R/W's rating of the film Walker

    Moves up higher on my list of favorite films every time I see it. Top Ten at least right now. Ed Harris is a maniac, Cox flexs his most cinematic muscles, Strummer's score is amazing, and did I mention it was smart, action packed and friggin' hilarious??

  12. Gabriel Argüello's rating of the film Walker

    Total crap. Totally agree with what Roger Ebert said in his review: "Some bad movies are in no hurry to announce themselves, but Walker declares its badness right from the opening titles."

  13. film_lies101's rating of the film Walker

    Too much post-modern ironic smirkery to be truly biting. There are few amusing bits, not enough to carry the length of film. Which I might add, feels like a three hour epic.

  14. IndyLIVE's rating of the film Walker

    An anarchic, apocalyptic vision from Alex Cox, an absolute one-of-a-kind filmmaker. Walker is a political satire, bloody spaghetti western, historical biopic, and absurdist comedy all rolled into one. Too bizarre to be mainstream, and too ambitious to be a cult film. So it was sadly overlooked. Features a brilliant, crazed performance by Ed Harris and a haunting score by Joe Strummer.

  15. HobartLazaro's rating of the film Walker

  16. Zachary Phillip Brailsford's rating of the film Walker

  17. Francisco Javier Martín Fernández's rating of the film Walker

    Me encanta esta sátira sobre Estados Unidos y su colonialismo.

  18. Marcus WP's rating of the film Walker

  19. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film Walker

    this is such a bizarre movie...purposeful anachronisms!