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  1. Photo of Phil Karlson

    Phil Karlson Director

  2. Photo of Charles A. Pratt

    Charles A. Pratt Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joel Briskin

    Joel Briskin Producer

  4. Photo of Mort Briskin

    Mort Briskin Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Stephen Downing

    Stephen Downing Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Michael Hayes

    John Michael Hayes Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jack A. Marta

    Jack A. Marta Cinematography

  8. Photo of Joe Don Baker

    Joe Don Baker Cast

  9. Photo of Elizabeth Hartman

    Elizabeth Hartman Cast

  10. Photo of Leif Garrett

    Leif Garrett Cast

  11. Photo of Dawn Lyn

    Dawn Lyn Cast

  12. Photo of Noah Beery Jr.

    Noah Beery Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Lurene Tuttle

    Lurene Tuttle Cast

  14. Photo of Ed Call

    Ed Call Cast

  15. Photo of Dominick Mazzie

    Dominick Mazzie Cast

  16. Photo of Harry W. Gerstad

    Harry W. Gerstad Editing

  17. Photo of Stan Jolley

    Stan Jolley Production Design

  18. Photo of Walter Scharf

    Walter Scharf Music

  19. Photo of Lynn Borden

    Lynn Borden Cast

  20. Photo of Brenda Benet

    Brenda Benet Cast

  21. Photo of Arch Johnson

    Arch Johnson Cast

  22. Photo of Bruce Glover

    Bruce Glover Cast

  23. Photo of Don Keefer

    Don Keefer Cast

  24. Photo of Felton Perry

    Felton Perry Cast

  25. Photo of Douglas Fowley

    Douglas Fowley Cast