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  1. Photo of Tim Haines

    Tim Haines Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Jasper James

    Jasper James Director, Producer

  3. Photo of John Lynch

    John Lynch Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Tomi Bednar Landis

    Tomi Bednar Landis Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Georgann Kane

    Georgann Kane Screenplay

  6. Photo of John Howarth

    John Howarth Cinematography

  7. Photo of Michael Pitts

    Michael Pitts Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kenneth Branagh

    Kenneth Branagh Cast

  9. Photo of Britt Sjoerdsma

    Britt Sjoerdsma Editing

  10. Photo of Anderew Wilks

    Anderew Wilks Editing

  11. Photo of Ben Bartlett

    Ben Bartlett Music

  12. Photo of Jez Harris

    Jez Harris Animation

  13. Photo of Mike McGee

    Mike McGee Animation

  14. Photo of Timothy Greenwood

    Timothy Greenwood Animation

  15. Photo of Mike Milne

    Mike Milne Animation

  16. Photo of Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson Sound

  17. Photo of Sandra Portman

    Sandra Portman Sound