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  1. Photo of Pia Bovin

    Pia Bovin Director

  2. Photo of Bo Hr. Hansen

    Bo Hr. Hansen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Adam Gilbert Jespersen

    Adam Gilbert Jespersen Cast

  4. Photo of Sarah Boberg

    Sarah Boberg Cast

  5. Photo of Jesper Lohmann

    Jesper Lohmann Cast

  6. Photo of Sara Bovin

    Sara Bovin Cast

  7. Photo of Nour El-Foul

    Nour El-Foul Cast

  8. Photo of Imad Abou El-Foul

    Imad Abou El-Foul Cast

  9. Photo of Zeinab Chour

    Zeinab Chour Cast

  10. Photo of Abdel Mahmoud

    Abdel Mahmoud Cast

  11. Photo of Murad Mahmoud

    Murad Mahmoud Cast

  12. Photo of Nadim Mahmoud

    Nadim Mahmoud Cast

  13. Photo of Nadia Bøgild

    Nadia Bøgild Cast

  14. Photo of Petrine Agger

    Petrine Agger Cast

  15. Photo of Henrik Noél Olesen

    Henrik Noél Olesen Cast

  16. Photo of Raid Sabbah

    Raid Sabbah Cast

  17. Photo of Knud Pehrson

    Knud Pehrson Cast

  18. Photo of Saad Bager

    Saad Bager Cast

  19. Photo of Jacob Banke Olesen

    Jacob Banke Olesen Cinematography

  20. Photo of Poul Halberg

    Poul Halberg Music

  21. Photo of Tine Mette Bloch Jespersen

    Tine Mette Bloch Jespersen Production Design

  22. Photo of Ib Tardini

    Ib Tardini Producer

  23. Photo of Louise Vesth

    Louise Vesth Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Aalbæk Jensen

    Peter Aalbæk Jensen Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Molly Marlene Stensgaard

    Molly Marlene Stensgaard Editing

  26. Photo of Mick Raaschou

    Mick Raaschou Sound