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  1. Photo of Mark Zwonitzer

    Mark Zwonitzer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tom Jennings

    Tom Jennings Cast

  3. Photo of Oliver Platt

    Oliver Platt Narrator

  4. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Himself

  5. Photo of Richard Schickel

    Richard Schickel Himself

  6. Photo of Don Hahn

    Don Hahn Himself

  7. Photo of Neal Gabler

    Neal Gabler Himself

  8. Photo of Tom Sito

    Tom Sito Himself

  9. Photo of Ron Suskind

    Ron Suskind Himself

  10. Photo of Robert Givens

    Robert Givens Himself

  11. Photo of Ruthie Tompson

    Ruthie Tompson Herself

  12. Photo of Don Lusk

    Don Lusk Himself

  13. Photo of Ron Miller

    Ron Miller Himself

  14. Photo of Floyd Norman

    Floyd Norman Himself

  15. Photo of Roland Crump

    Roland Crump Himself

  16. Photo of Richard M. Sherman

    Richard M. Sherman Himself

  17. Photo of Sarah Colt

    Sarah Colt Producer, Director Screenplay

  18. Photo of Joel Goodman

    Joel Goodman Music

  19. Photo of John Baynard

    John Baynard Cinematography

  20. Photo of Mark Dugas

    Mark Dugas Editing

  21. Photo of Glenn Fukushima

    Glenn Fukushima Editing

  22. Photo of Jon Neuburger

    Jon Neuburger Editing