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  1. Photo of Eric Portman

    Eric Portman Cast

  2. Photo of Derek Farr

    Derek Farr Cast

  3. Photo of Roland Culver

    Roland Culver Cast

  4. Photo of Stanley Holloway

    Stanley Holloway Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Everest

    Barbara Everest Cast

  6. Photo of Jenny Laird

    Jenny Laird Cast

  7. Photo of Kathleen Harrison

    Kathleen Harrison Cast

  8. Photo of Dulcie Gray

    Dulcie Gray Cast

  9. Photo of Lawrence Huntington

    Lawrence Huntington Director

  10. Photo of Marcel Hellman

    Marcel Hellman Producer

  11. Photo of Terence de Marney

    Terence de Marney Screenplay

  12. Photo of Emeric Pressburger

    Emeric Pressburger Screenplay

  13. Photo of Rodney Ackland

    Rodney Ackland Screenplay

  14. Photo of Maurice Cowan

    Maurice Cowan Screenplay

  15. Photo of Mutz Greenbaum

    Mutz Greenbaum Cinematography

  16. Photo of Mischa Spoliansky

    Mischa Spoliansky Music

  17. Photo of Edward B. Jarvis

    Edward B. Jarvis Editing

  18. Photo of Anna Duse

    Anna Duse Costume Design

  19. Photo of Percy Robinson

    Percy Robinson Screenplay

  20. Photo of Bonar Colleano

    Bonar Colleano Cast

  21. Photo of Moira Lister

    Moira Lister Cast

  22. Photo of Gerhard Kempinski

    Gerhard Kempinski Cast

  23. Photo of Caven Watson

    Caven Watson Cast

  24. Photo of Wally Patch

    Wally Patch Cast

  25. Photo of Marie Ault

    Marie Ault Cast

  26. Photo of Frank Atkinson

    Frank Atkinson Cast