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  1. Photo of Yash Chopra

    Yash Chopra Director

  2. Photo of Sunil Dutt

    Sunil Dutt Cast

  3. Photo of Sadhana

    Sadhana Cast

  4. Photo of Raaj Kumar

    Raaj Kumar Cast

  5. Photo of Shashi Kapoor

    Shashi Kapoor Cast

  6. Photo of Sharmila Tagore

    Sharmila Tagore Cast

  7. Photo of Balraj Sahni

    Balraj Sahni Cast

  8. Photo of Rehman

    Rehman Cast

  9. Photo of Motilal

    Motilal Cast

  10. Photo of Manmohan Krishna

    Manmohan Krishna Cast

  11. Photo of Jeevan

    Jeevan Cast

  12. Photo of Madan Puri

    Madan Puri Cast

  13. Photo of Achala Sachdev

    Achala Sachdev Cast

  14. Photo of Leela Chitnis

    Leela Chitnis Cast

  15. Photo of Sumati Gupte

    Sumati Gupte Cast

  16. Photo of Mubarak

    Mubarak Cast

  17. Photo of Jagdish Raj

    Jagdish Raj Cast

  18. Photo of Hari Shivdasani

    Hari Shivdasani Cast

  19. Photo of Badri Prasad

    Badri Prasad Cast

  20. Photo of Ravikant

    Ravikant Cast

  21. Photo of Akhtar-Ul-Iman

    Akhtar-Ul-Iman Cast and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Akhtar Mirza

    Akhtar Mirza Cast and Story

  23. Photo of Pran Mehra

    Pran Mehra Cast and Editing

  24. Photo of Shashikala

    Shashikala Cast

  25. Photo of Saul George

    Saul George Cast

  26. Photo of Jankidas

    Jankidas Cast

  27. Photo of Surendra Rahi

    Surendra Rahi Cast

  28. Photo of Asha Bhosle

    Asha Bhosle Voice

  29. Photo of Manna Dey

    Manna Dey Voice

  30. Photo of Mohammad Rafi

    Mohammad Rafi Voice

  31. Photo of Mahendra Kapoor

    Mahendra Kapoor Voice

  32. Photo of Dharam Chopra

    Dharam Chopra Cinematography

  33. Photo of Ravi

    Ravi Music

  34. Photo of Sahir Ludhianvi

    Sahir Ludhianvi Lyrics

  35. Photo of B.R. Chopra

    B.R. Chopra Producer

  36. Photo of Anwar

    Anwar Sound

  37. Photo of Mangesh Desai

    Mangesh Desai Sound

  38. Photo of Bhanu Athaiya

    Bhanu Athaiya Costume Design

  39. Photo of Sant Singh

    Sant Singh Art Department

  40. Photo of Prem Dhawan

    Prem Dhawan Choreography

  41. Photo of Harbans

    Harbans Choreography