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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film War Witch

  2. ammar's rating of the film War Witch

  3. Victor Emiliano Martinez's rating of the film War Witch

    Es una película que parece ser un documental, es muy real y habla claramente del sufrimiento de esta chica, por todo lo que pasa pero que sin embargo se hace en un sentido fría porque no le queda de otra pues ahora tiene que defender a la pandilla que mato a su familia, es muy entretenida y tiene tomas en mano muy seguidas ademas se ve quenecesito mucho presupuesto pues tiene un color de naturalidad muy limpia.

  4. Jason Av's rating of the film War Witch

  5. Mtume Gant's rating of the film War Witch

    Im very hmmmm....about this movie I must admit. While I found some of it moving it had the distinct smell of an outsiders perspective on African situations. Just didn't totally hit home for me while I found the lead performance excellent and the story overall meaningful.

  6. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film War Witch

    An extremely powerful and disturbing movie War Witch (Rebelle) is a French-Canadian movie that goes into the mind of a child soldier as she tells the story to her unborn child. The movie was nominated in the best foreign movie category for the 85th Academy Award in 2013...

  7. correy baldwin's rating of the film War Witch

    Manages to be a powerful and powerfully disturbing film without resorting to excessive on-screen violence, no small feat for the subject matter.

  8. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film War Witch

    Strong subject, raw images and well-organized structure. Full review and rating:

  9. msmichel's rating of the film War Witch

    Harrowing and powerful tale of child soldiers, war, atrocity, survival, love and in the end hope. Nguyen has made his best work to date and though hard to watch at times so well worth experiencing. Rachel Mwanza gives one of the best performances of the past year richly deserving her prize at Berlin earlier this year. This film bravely puts a face to stories we too often choose to ignore.

  10. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film War Witch

    This Canadian film will be remembered mainly for a standout lead performance by Rachel Mwanza, not unlike Khomotso Manyaka in "Life, Above All."

  11. makeyourself85's rating of the film War Witch

    Rachel Mwanza should have been Oscar-nom'd back then for War Witch.

  12. Peter's rating of the film War Witch

    Though perhaps an oversimplification, one might describe the experience as a hybrid of Cate Shortland's Lore, the intimately observed and exquisitely filmed travelogue through a harrowing ordeal, and the magical realism as narrated by an innocent, as per Behn Zeitlin's Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Austere, yet stylish, and worth checking out for Mwanza's impressive performance.

  13. mpho3's rating of the film War Witch

    Move over white rabbit, the white rooster's in town. LATimes notes that Nguyen's film is "less about war and child soldiers than it is about an ordinary girl in extraordinary circumstances. His inspiration came a Burmese guerrilla group known as God's Army in the '90s who were believed by their followers to have magic powers." This deeply affecting work is brilliantly conceived and realized.

  14. Nutter Jr's rating of the film War Witch

    The story of a 12 year old narrating to her unborn child the harrowing story of how she ended up in the rebel forces in an unnamed country in Africa and what she'd been through. Manages to mesmerize the audience with a mix of great acting, exquisite soundtrack of African music, extraordinary cinematography including the hair raising depictions of the spirits of the dead. Will not be forgotten easily.

  15. Anaís's rating of the film War Witch

  16. Jordan Peters's rating of the film War Witch

    A total surprise. Unflinching, gutsy and beautifully rendered.

  17. saiths's rating of the film War Witch

    this was so beautiful and tragic. i'm still trying to properly sort out my thoughts but my god there's just so much ground to cover with this film. it was so well thought out and downright heartbreaking. this is why i love cinema.

  18. Kyle Lewis's rating of the film War Witch

    Rachel Mwanza deserved an oscar nomination for this role.

  19. liviapuppa's rating of the film War Witch

    - Galo Branco para casar - Fantasmas: negros pintados de branco

  20. Diego Carrera's rating of the film War Witch

    I just got impressed with Rachel Mwanza playing Komona. Her character is so detailly composed that is hard to know that she herself was abandoned by her parents when she was age six. This film isn't only a film: it's a vivid and clear cry of hope.

  21. Matt Richards's rating of the film War Witch

    A difficult yet captivating watch that treads similar child soldier territory to Johnny Mad Dog yet offers a far deeper and character centred perspective. The performances and camera work appear to be in perfect synch and the films succeeds wonderfully in communicating a tangible sense of loss and the pain of a damaged psyche.. 4 stars

  22. Johnny K's rating of the film War Witch

    A dark companion piece to BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD.

  23. Anni ka's rating of the film War Witch

    Movie about violating many rights children should have according to the Convention on the Rights of a Child.. Most dominating were the rights that children shouldn`t be involved in an armed conflict and of course they shouldn`t be physically abused This treaty is actually also ratified in Congo, but I guess it is very difficult for the state to fight against the rebels who disobey the laws.

  24. Pouya G. Asadi's rating of the film War Witch

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