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  1. Photo of John Badham

    John Badham Director

  2. Photo of Lawrence Lasker

    Lawrence Lasker Screenplay

  3. Photo of Walter F. Parkes

    Walter F. Parkes Screenplay

  4. Photo of Matthew Broderick

    Matthew Broderick Cast

  5. Photo of Dabney Coleman

    Dabney Coleman Cast

  6. Photo of John Wood

    John Wood Cast

  7. Photo of Ally Sheedy

    Ally Sheedy Cast

  8. Photo of Barry Corbin

    Barry Corbin Cast

  9. Photo of Dennis Lipscomb

    Dennis Lipscomb Cast

  10. Photo of John Spencer

    John Spencer Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Madsen

    Michael Madsen Cast

  12. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  13. Photo of Leonard Goldberg

    Leonard Goldberg Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Harold Schneider

    Harold Schneider Producer

  15. Photo of Bruce McNall

    Bruce McNall Producer

  16. Photo of Arthur B. Rubinstein

    Arthur B. Rubinstein Music

  17. Photo of William A. Fraker

    William A. Fraker Cinematography

  18. Photo of Tom Rolf

    Tom Rolf Editing