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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film WarGames

    Fun time capsule as we see primitive computers, Atari video games and Matthew Broderick with a stupid haircut. First scene is a small nail-biting thriller on it's own as two soldiers are forced to launch a nuclear missile. Playing Tic Tac Toe solve any nuclear problem though. Hard to take serious, but fun all the way.

  2. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film WarGames

    Matthew Broderick is a "high tech obsessed" kid from the 1980s, who starts hacking some computers: the one from school, to change a negative evaluation; a travel agency, to buy tickets without having to take a penny from his pocket ... and, by accident, the computer system of a military center! With small gestures he can from now on bring major changes in various computer systems, and thanks to this, some less...

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film WarGames

    Film posant avec pertinence le problème du danger atomique dans une réalisation "alerte", correcte et parfaitement convaincante...

  4. Kamran's rating of the film WarGames

    Classic 80s teen blockbuster with typical dumb adults, genius hero kid, and an unbelievable story. Boy is it fun though. 70/100 - Good.

  5. Jack's rating of the film WarGames

    The first five minutes are excellent an raised my expectations. The rest of the film is formulaic and the ending is awful and has a tedious moral lesson - I really wanted them all to die. Ally Sheedy is the best thing in this.

  6. Nathan Hopkins's rating of the film WarGames

    Enjoyable, if dated. At the very least, kudos must be given for broaching both the subjects of nuclear conflict and the dawn of the computer age in one film. Don't expect anything life changing, just enjoy its 80s-ness and its happy, fun way of dealing with a serious topic.

  7. The Macho King's rating of the film WarGames

    A solid & enjoyable time capsule from the 80's.

  8. mikong's rating of the film WarGames

    not exactly a great work of cinema but it is one of the 'cleanest' films about computers and hacking

  9. Fabio Nosotti's rating of the film WarGames

  10. Steven Dawson's rating of the film WarGames

    A fun slice of 80s cinema. Young Broderick and Sheedy are very watchable and the plot is silly but not too overdone.

  11. KadyLady's rating of the film WarGames

    It 15 minutes to get to finally get to the protagonist, boring me to death. Rest of the story in the beginning felt slow-paced but as it got closer to the 1 hour mark, the story FINALLY got started but events were too rushed and I ended up thinking the movie was decent for the DIY escape tricks.

  12. Terri Wise's rating of the film WarGames

    Maybe not the height of cinema, but this is a good movie and a great slice of 1983. It's a historical document.

  13. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film WarGames

    The story bears some similarities with Dr. Strangelove, but in a Hollywood action feel good kind of way where the pessimistic sarcastic tone is wiped out for the sake of lets-save-the-world-and-keep-it-simple tone.

  14. Johnny DuBiel's rating of the film WarGames

    Despite a dated primary theme (ethical implications of the Cold War) and quantum leaps in technology, it holds up surprisingly well - even without the aid of nostalgia. This is mainly achieved due to the charisma of the main players, and the outstanding chemistry between Broderick and Sheedy (it must be noted that she blows essentially everyone offscreen - even at 16 she's more natural than the rest of the cast)

  15. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film WarGames

    nice fun movie, it was very good entertaining..!

  16. Subterranean Cinema's rating of the film WarGames

    A very fun film, extremely well acted and directed, just dont expect anything close to realism in it. In 1984, when few of us had computers, it didnt seem so ridiculous of an idea, but now when you watch him turn off his PC and it causes the screens in the War Room to shut down too, its impossible not to laugh derisively. Still, the film is so entertaining that it's just about impossible to hate it.

  17. Rolph90's rating of the film WarGames

    would of been a better film if they all died at the end

  18. Mugino's rating of the film WarGames

    It's not the best work of cinema but it did foretell the ubiquity of personal computers and had a good grasp of the early cracker (not hacker) culture of the day.