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  1. Clat's rating of the film Warrendale

  2. James Mackin's rating of the film Warrendale

    A powerful documentary on troubled children, and their lives when separated from society.

  3. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Warrendale

  4. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Warrendale

    Allan King adelantándose a lo que sería el estilo frontal y natural de los Hermanos Maysles. "Warrendale" es un retrato sobre un reformatorio para niños con transtornos emocionales que aplica una serie de tratamientos poco conservadores, muchos de estos agresivos, aunque desde el punto de vista de sus portavoces, afectivos. Es el abrazo que aprisiona, pero en otro instante, es también maternal. Un documental puro.

  5. El Biffo's rating of the film Warrendale

    The same year as Wiseman's TITICUT FOLLIES, also a cinema-verite doc filmed in a mental hospital, this one though is a "progressive" one, but the therapeutic values of hippies with bad breath sitting on a kid, holding him down and yelling at him also seems dubious to me. I don't know. It's a great film.

  6. eharadon's rating of the film Warrendale

    One of the best direct cinema films of all time. Completely heartwrenching film by Allan King. Try to see his other films if you haven't yet.

  7. Darius Buinauskas's rating of the film Warrendale

    It hurts so much to watch this movie, but it's definitely one of the best ever created documentaries. Such deep portrait of both most fragile and the strongest people - a truly amazing work by Allan King.

  8. Adam Suraf's rating of the film Warrendale

    Shockingly intimate Verite masterwork from Canadian maestro Allan King, focusing on the treatment of emotionally troubled kids at an experimental Toronto halfway house/mental hospital.

  9. Erik Villasenor's rating of the film Warrendale

  10. Ryan Estabrooks's rating of the film Warrendale

    Amazing film, this thing definitely made an impact on me. And what a climax, my god!

  11. Patricia's rating of the film Warrendale

    I like how Allan King showed the highs and lows of dealing with these children, the passion that the helpers must have to be able to have the strength to stand the abuse that they get at times. Also I like how it isn't based on just one side. There isn't a point of view, there isn't an idea that is thrown at you. Its just pure viewing at its purest, and really, any idea that you have is your own for this film.

  12. Andrés Pff's rating of the film Warrendale

  13. REH1101's rating of the film Warrendale

    A perfectly executed documentary, entirely divorced from bias on the subject, dealing with the frustrating dilemmas that exist in a 100% sympathetic, forgiving, and inconsequential environment for those who need help. You find yourself questioning the very foundation of what we believe help to be. The meeting held to reveal that the cook had passed away absolutely shook me to the core.

  14. Edwin N's rating of the film Warrendale

    Intensily haunting and disturbing, a beautiful attempt at cinéma-vérite, and one of the most honest films I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous.

  15. the corduroy suit's rating of the film Warrendale

    Harrowing, Brilliant film. Easily ranks among the 5 or 10 greatest documentaries ever made.