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  1. Photo of Tai Katô

    Tai Katô Director

  2. Photo of Tatsuo Nogami

    Tatsuo Nogami Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ryotaro Shiba

    Ryotaro Shiba Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hiroko Sakuramachi

    Hiroko Sakuramachi Cast

  5. Photo of Naoko Kubo

    Naoko Kubo Cast

  6. Photo of Sanae Nakahara

    Sanae Nakahara Cast

  7. Photo of Minoru Oki

    Minoru Oki Cast

  8. Photo of Kôji Nanbara

    Kôji Nanbara Cast

  9. Photo of Kazuo Kitamura

    Kazuo Kitamura Cast

  10. Photo of Hashizo Okawa

    Hashizo Okawa Cast

  11. Photo of Ko Matsui

    Ko Matsui Cinematography

  12. Photo of Chûji Kinoshita

    Chûji Kinoshita Music

  13. Photo of Taizô Kawashima

    Taizô Kawashima Production Design

  14. Photo of Katsumi Kawai

    Katsumi Kawai Editing

  15. Photo of Kenjiro Tojo

    Kenjiro Tojo Sound