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  1. Photo of Claude Jutra

    Claude Jutra Director

  2. Photo of Fernand Dansereau

    Fernand Dansereau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Denise Provost

    Denise Provost Cast

  4. Photo of Michel Maillot

    Michel Maillot Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Brousseau

    Jean Brousseau Cast

  6. Photo of Monique Chailler

    Monique Chailler Cast

  7. Photo of Teddy Burns Goulet

    Teddy Burns Goulet Cast

  8. Photo of Micheline Guérin

    Micheline Guérin Cast

  9. Photo of Monique Joly

    Monique Joly Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Lebel

    Roger Lebel Cast

  11. Photo of Doris Lussier

    Doris Lussier Cast

  12. Photo of Lucie Mitchell

    Lucie Mitchell Cast

  13. Photo of Michel Brault

    Michel Brault Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jean Roy

    Jean Roy Cinematography

  15. Photo of Maurice Blackburn

    Maurice Blackburn Music

  16. Photo of Léonard Forest

    Léonard Forest Producer

  17. Photo of Guy Glover

    Guy Glover Producer

  18. Photo of Gilles Groulx

    Gilles Groulx Editing

  19. Photo of Victor Jobin

    Victor Jobin Editing

  20. Photo of Raymond Leboursier

    Raymond Leboursier Editing

  21. Photo of David Mayerovitch

    David Mayerovitch Editing

  22. Photo of Marcel Carrière

    Marcel Carrière Sound