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  1. Photo of Thierry Notz

    Thierry Notz Director

  2. Photo of John D. Brancato

    John D. Brancato Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Ferris

    Michael Ferris Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dean R. Koontz

    Dean R. Koontz Novel

  5. Photo of Marc Singer

    Marc Singer Cast

  6. Photo of Tracy Scoggins

    Tracy Scoggins Cast

  7. Photo of Jonathan Farwell

    Jonathan Farwell Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Miracle

    Irene Miracle Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Woronov

    Mary Woronov Cast

  10. Photo of Tom Poster

    Tom Poster Cast

  11. Photo of Don Pugsley

    Don Pugsley Cast

  12. Photo of Merritt Yohnka

    Merritt Yohnka Cast

  13. Photo of John Lafayette

    John Lafayette Cast

  14. Photo of Tommy Hinkley

    Tommy Hinkley Cast

  15. Photo of Jeffery Allen Arbaugh

    Jeffery Allen Arbaugh Cast

  16. Photo of Stirling Nix Bradley

    Stirling Nix Bradley Cast

  17. Photo of Garon Grigsby

    Garon Grigsby Cast

  18. Photo of Daryl Haney

    Daryl Haney Cast

  19. Photo of Edward J. Pei

    Edward J. Pei Cinematography

  20. Photo of Rick Conrad

    Rick Conrad Music

  21. Photo of Gary Randall

    Gary Randall Production Design

  22. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  23. Photo of Rodman Flender

    Rodman Flender Producer

  24. Photo of Joel DeLoach

    Joel DeLoach Producer

  25. Photo of Diane Fingado

    Diane Fingado Editing

  26. Photo of Adam Wolfe

    Adam Wolfe Editing

  27. Photo of Lynn Stevenson

    Lynn Stevenson Editing

  28. Photo of Pamela Winn-Barnett

    Pamela Winn-Barnett Editing

  29. Photo of James Gavin Bedford

    James Gavin Bedford Sound

  30. Photo of Michael Clark

    Michael Clark Sound

  31. Photo of Joe Earle

    Joe Earle Sound

  32. Photo of Jeff Mar

    Jeff Mar Sound

  33. Photo of Dennis Patterson

    Dennis Patterson Sound

  34. Photo of Christopher B. Reeves

    Christopher B. Reeves Sound

  35. Photo of Ken Regan

    Ken Regan Sound

  36. Photo of Bill V. Robbins

    Bill V. Robbins Sound

  37. Photo of Christopher M. Taylor

    Christopher M. Taylor Sound

  38. Photo of Daniel Tripoli

    Daniel Tripoli Sound

  39. Photo of Peter Flynn

    Peter Flynn Art Department

  40. Photo of John Criswell

    John Criswell Special Effects

  41. Photo of Dean Jones

    Dean Jones Special Effects

  42. Photo of Starr Jones

    Starr Jones Special Effects

  43. Photo of Greg Landerer

    Greg Landerer Special Effects

  44. Photo of Kevin Kutchaver

    Kevin Kutchaver Visual Effects and Special Effects