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  1. Photo of Jon Hess

    Jon Hess Director

  2. Photo of Dean R. Koontz

    Dean R. Koontz Novel

  3. Photo of Michael Ironside

    Michael Ironside Cast

  4. Photo of Christopher Cary

    Christopher Cary Cast

  5. Photo of Graeme Campbell

    Graeme Campbell Cast

  6. Photo of Lala Sloatman

    Lala Sloatman Cast

  7. Photo of Corey Haim

    Corey Haim Cast

  8. Photo of Dale Wilson

    Dale Wilson Cast

  9. Photo of Blu Mankuma

    Blu Mankuma Cast

  10. Photo of Colleen Winton

    Colleen Winton Cast

  11. Photo of Duncan Fraser

    Duncan Fraser Cast

  12. Photo of Barbara Williams

    Barbara Williams Cast

  13. Photo of Jason Priestley

    Jason Priestley Cast

  14. Photo of Matt Hill

    Matt Hill Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Leiterman

    Richard Leiterman Cinematography

  16. Photo of Joel Goldsmith

    Joel Goldsmith Music

  17. Photo of Richard Wilcox

    Richard Wilcox Production Design

  18. Photo of Damian Lee

    Damian Lee Producer and Screenplay

  19. Photo of David Mitchell

    David Mitchell Producer

  20. Photo of Mary Eilts

    Mary Eilts Producer

  21. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Carolle Alain

    Carolle Alain Editing

  23. Photo of Rick Fields

    Rick Fields Editing

  24. Photo of Bill Freda

    Bill Freda Editing

  25. Photo of Adam Druxman

    Adam Druxman Editing

  26. Photo of Carole A. Kenneally

    Carole A. Kenneally Editing

  27. Photo of Shannon Mitchell

    Shannon Mitchell Editing

  28. Photo of Anke Bakker

    Anke Bakker Sound

  29. Photo of Jacqueline Cristianini

    Jacqueline Cristianini Sound

  30. Photo of Bruno DeGazio

    Bruno DeGazio Sound

  31. Photo of Alastair Gray

    Alastair Gray Sound

  32. Photo of Frank Griffiths

    Frank Griffiths Sound

  33. Photo of Tom McMurtry

    Tom McMurtry Sound

  34. Photo of Don White

    Don White Sound

  35. Photo of Camilla Mauritzson Skjaerbaek

    Camilla Mauritzson Skjaerbaek Sound

  36. Photo of Monique Prudhomme

    Monique Prudhomme Costume Design

  37. Photo of Ron Craig

    Ron Craig Special Effects

  38. Photo of Rory Cutler

    Rory Cutler Special Effects

  39. Photo of Dean Lockwood

    Dean Lockwood Special Effects

  40. Photo of Mark Maitre

    Mark Maitre Special Effects

  41. Photo of David B. Miller

    David B. Miller Special Effects

  42. Photo of Mike Elizalde

    Mike Elizalde Special Effects