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  1. Photo of Pelin Esmer

    Pelin Esmer Director, Producer, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tolga Esmer

    Tolga Esmer Producer

  3. Photo of Nida Karabol Akdeniz

    Nida Karabol Akdeniz Producer

  4. Photo of Olgun Şimşek

    Olgun Şimşek Cast

  5. Photo of Nilay Erdonmez

    Nilay Erdonmez Cast

  6. Photo of Menderes Samancilar

    Menderes Samancilar Cast

  7. Photo of Laçin Ceylan

    Laçin Ceylan Cast

  8. Photo of Riza Akin

    Riza Akin Cast

  9. Photo of Özgür Eken

    Özgür Eken Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ayhan Ergürsel

    Ayhan Ergürsel Editing

  11. Photo of Kasper Munck-Hansen

    Kasper Munck-Hansen Sound

  12. Photo of Osman Özcan

    Osman Özcan Production Design