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  1. Juan Javier's rating of the film Watchtower

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film Watchtower

    A film of admirable confidence and tonal balance, it bears on a tragic conflict, yet manages to forge some sort of 'reconciliation' effortlessly and truthfully. Esmer has a refined sense for color and the shots (both interior and of the beautiful landscape) are cinematically attractive and evocative. Finely acted it succeeds in turning the watchtower into a space for self-observation versus incestuous traditions.

  3. Kinshuk's rating of the film Watchtower

    poignant with wide-eyed wonder scenes. Story told honestly!

  4. DrFirestone's rating of the film Watchtower

    Beautiful, majestic scenery where the lives of two people with tragic past cross. The film is slow paced, dark, evoking the sense of inability to escape the past. It exposes how sometimes it's near impossible to help someone, "repair" a mistake, to simply "put things right". Intense, quiet atmosphere and powerful performances. The argument scene felt strangely either overdone or not pushed enough, but that ending...

  5. ApexCactus's rating of the film Watchtower

    One thing strikes the eye since the beginning, this movie is beautifully shot. But the real heart of the film is on the strong characters and the direct and painful truth it's trying to tell. I absolutely loved the baby washing scene, definitely a highlight of the film.

  6. Gabriela Calvache's rating of the film Watchtower

    One of the best films I ever saw!!!

  7. Jos Geusens's rating of the film Watchtower

    This film shows life as it (sometimes) is, no fake stories. It feels real and although I do not understand a word Turkish, I find myself trying to learn that language throughout the entire film (even when using English subtitles). Just because I care for the people in it. They seem real and that is what a good film does. Very well done, people! I am glad that my curiosity led me to this marble in film-making.

  8. aaptuster's rating of the film Watchtower

    Beautiful, gut wrenching storytelling. I cringed at some of the scenes, they were so corporeal. Every now and then such beautiful movies, tell a great story, and they stay in your heart’s deepest recesses. Must watch.

  9. Juan's rating of the film Watchtower

    Buena de principio a fin. Un drama humano con buena narrativa. El final abierto es su único defecto.

  10. ashokkmrchadha's rating of the film Watchtower

    Turkish cinema at its best . Love from India

  11. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Watchtower

    Beautiful landscapes and solid acting. But why films that compete in international festivals (here the TIFF) always have to be as gloomy as possible, is it a criteria to enter ? To appear more social and to question our world ? This was a bit over-the-top (even if i was emotional at some point) and the end is not satisfying to me even if we avoid a too obvious love story. Capable but we have seen this already.

  12. Emil's rating of the film Watchtower

    Hola! Miré esta pelicula porque me llamaba la atencion. Me parece muy buena! Tan cruda como intensa!Genial! Gracias!

  13. tinderness's rating of the film Watchtower

    Zwei verlorene Seelen bewachen den Wald und schützen ihn vor Feuer. Vielleicht kann nur dort, in der Einsamkeit, etwas in dieser Intensität zwischen Menschen geschehen. Und als es zwishen den beiden Schweigsamen eskaliert, eskaliert es auch in der Natur. Der Ausgang ist, wie immer, ungewiß. Ein wunderschöner Film über das Drama des Lebens und des Todes.

  14. Sergey Belov's rating of the film Watchtower

    atmosphere is better than the story

  15. Sajan Puthenveettil's rating of the film Watchtower

    Its a good movie .Actually the watchtower is watching through the minds and life and it give the new lights to the darkness of life and the same time the watchtower also absorb the light ...... for the existence of life.

  16. japepraha's rating of the film Watchtower

    Perhaps it was the description, but I was expecting something else. The dark terrible "secret" unfolds in the middle. I would call it a movie about a lonely man and a woman raped by her uncle. There are no "secrets" and the fact that the lonely man killed his wife and his kid in an accident is for the movie development I believe.

  17. Korial's rating of the film Watchtower

    Esmer's direction, thanks also to extraordinary performances and well written and poignant plot, manages to convey characters' physical pain and regrets. A note of merit for the silent and 'open' finale, the birth scene and the masterful use of glances.

  18. mgaspa's rating of the film Watchtower

    Olaganüstü bir dram filmi. Bravo !!!!

  19. ha!'s rating of the film Watchtower

  20. Alex's rating of the film Watchtower

    Much interested me. However, the culminating scene where the main characters argue about conscience and the human responsibility seems either too much or not enough... One might say: these characters are just regular people and to force an indepth philosophical discussion might be jarring. But I think it needed more thought, that is all. Also, Eros by Hara has the only birth scene I can tolerate in a film (oy!).

  21. Matthew Borg's rating of the film Watchtower

  22. Landen Celano's rating of the film Watchtower

    It's always refreshing to watch a film that is stripped of spectacle and allegory, and that relies on simple, poignant storytelling.

  23. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film Watchtower

    A quiet, tender account of harm and accident. The accident of existence. Strong performances set amidst beautiful landscapes. The "oomph" of the penultimate scene might have been better woven throughout, but all in all a poetic film.

  24. 2multo's rating of the film Watchtower

    Human and real: complex. Subtly gets under the surface of feeling.

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