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  1. Photo of Dominique Standaert

    Dominique Standaert Director

  2. Photo of Jef Geeraerts

    Jef Geeraerts Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fifi Kikangala

    Fifi Kikangala Cast

  4. Photo of Pierre Dherte

    Pierre Dherte Cast

  5. Photo of Thilombo Lubambu

    Thilombo Lubambu Cast

  6. Photo of Philippe Hakizimana

    Philippe Hakizimana Cast

  7. Photo of Djoe Munga

    Djoe Munga Cast

  8. Photo of Mike Oni

    Mike Oni Cast

  9. Photo of Raymond Fromont

    Raymond Fromont Cinematography

  10. Photo of Philippe de Cock

    Philippe de Cock Music

  11. Photo of Chantal Hymans

    Chantal Hymans Editing

  12. Photo of Nathalie Aubry

    Nathalie Aubry Sound

  13. Photo of Philippe Bluart

    Philippe Bluart Sound

  14. Photo of Michel Coquette

    Michel Coquette Sound

  15. Photo of Pascal Jasmes

    Pascal Jasmes Sound

  16. Photo of Marina Lerchs

    Marina Lerchs Sound

  17. Photo of Véronique Van Dongen

    Véronique Van Dongen Sound

  18. Photo of Philippe Vandendriessche

    Philippe Vandendriessche Sound

  19. Photo of Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans

    Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans Sound

  20. Photo of Suzanne Van Well

    Suzanne Van Well Costume Design