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  1. Photo of Herbert Selpin

    Herbert Selpin Director

  2. Photo of Emil Burri

    Emil Burri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Egon Eis

    Egon Eis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Otto Eis

    Otto Eis Screenplay

  5. Photo of Peter Francke

    Peter Francke Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hans Rehfisch

    Hans Rehfisch Screenplay

  7. Photo of Walter Zerlett-Olfenius

    Walter Zerlett-Olfenius Screenplay

  8. Photo of Hans Albers

    Hans Albers Cast

  9. Photo of Charlotte Susa

    Charlotte Susa Cast

  10. Photo of Hilde Sessak

    Hilde Sessak Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Voß

    Peter Voß Cast

  12. Photo of Josef Sieber

    Josef Sieber Cast

  13. Photo of Andrews Engelmann

    Andrews Engelmann Cast

  14. Photo of Karl Dannemann

    Karl Dannemann Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Mierendorff

    Hans Mierendorff Cast

  16. Photo of Heinrich Schroth

    Heinrich Schroth Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  18. Photo of Beppo Brem

    Beppo Brem Cast

  19. Photo of Willy Rösner

    Willy Rösner Cast

  20. Photo of Carl Wery

    Carl Wery Cast

  21. Photo of Heinrich Kalnberg

    Heinrich Kalnberg Cast

  22. Photo of Katja Bennefeld

    Katja Bennefeld Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Busse

    Peter Busse Cast

  24. Photo of Henry Pleß

    Henry Pleß Cast

  25. Photo of Arthur Reinhardt

    Arthur Reinhardt Cast

  26. Photo of Wilhelm König

    Wilhelm König Cast

  27. Photo of Bruno Ziener

    Bruno Ziener Cast

  28. Photo of Ernst Rotmund

    Ernst Rotmund Cast

  29. Photo of Arnulf Schröder

    Arnulf Schröder Cast

  30. Photo of Max Harry Ernst

    Max Harry Ernst Cast

  31. Photo of Lewis Brody

    Lewis Brody Cast

  32. Photo of Walter Bechmann

    Walter Bechmann Cast

  33. Photo of Lydia Schulenburg

    Lydia Schulenburg Cast

  34. Photo of Fritz Reiff

    Fritz Reiff Cast

  35. Photo of Josef Illig

    Josef Illig Cinematography

  36. Photo of Franz Koch

    Franz Koch Cinematography

  37. Photo of Peter Kreuder

    Peter Kreuder Music

  38. Photo of Wilhelm Depenau

    Wilhelm Depenau Production Design

  39. Photo of Ludwig Reiber

    Ludwig Reiber Production Design

  40. Photo of Arthur Schwarz

    Arthur Schwarz Production Design

  41. Photo of C.W. Tetting

    C.W. Tetting Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Lena Neumann

    Lena Neumann Editing

  43. Photo of Karl Albert Keller

    Karl Albert Keller Sound