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  1. Photo of Igor Auzins

    Igor Auzins Director

  2. Photo of Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eleanor Witcombe

    Eleanor Witcombe Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sumner Locke Elliott

    Sumner Locke Elliott Novel

  5. Photo of Robyn Nevin

    Robyn Nevin Cast

  6. Photo of David Cameron

    David Cameron Cast

  7. Photo of Judy Davis

    Judy Davis Cast

  8. Photo of Rowena Wallace

    Rowena Wallace Cast

  9. Photo of Peta Toppano

    Peta Toppano Cast

  10. Photo of Chris Milne

    Chris Milne Cast

  11. Photo of Jacki Weaver

    Jacki Weaver Cast

  12. Photo of Linden Wilkinson

    Linden Wilkinson Cast

  13. Photo of Rod Mullinar

    Rod Mullinar Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Cotterill

    Ralph Cotterill Cast

  15. Photo of John Howard

    John Howard Cast

  16. Photo of Sean Scully

    Sean Scully Cast

  17. Photo of Frank Gallacher

    Frank Gallacher Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Whitford

    Peter Whitford Cast

  19. Photo of Anne Scott-Pendlebury

    Anne Scott-Pendlebury Cast

  20. Photo of Penelope Shelton

    Penelope Shelton Cast

  21. Photo of Jan Friedl

    Jan Friedl Cast

  22. Photo of Dan Burstall

    Dan Burstall Cinematography

  23. Photo of Andrew Wiltshire

    Andrew Wiltshire Music

  24. Photo of Logan Brewer

    Logan Brewer Production Design