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  1. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Waves '98

    Really impressive production for an animated short. The result is great for the eyes but not always completely satisfying otherwise. I like the fact that there is little dialogue and use of the voice over (a lot comes directly from the images of Beyrouth and the mood) but i did not care for the fantasy part of it. Maybe this was all a deep and complicated metaphor for something, who knows ? Enjoyable anyhow.

  2. Hugo Vargas's rating of the film Waves '98

    Oneiric diving as a breath from the sickness of war. While israeli soldier has to get along with nightmares wich bring him horror recalls of Lebanon fights (Waltz with Bashir-2008), in Waves´98 the young man suspends himself from the boredom of chaotic repetition of a war he does not identify with. Oneiric functions working for reality in both sides.

  3. sourasis06's rating of the film Waves '98

    Sometimes the surrealism was too predictable otherwise well made.

  4. kathmeep's rating of the film Waves '98

    Amazing visual mix of animation & real life. An emotional story that almost everyone can relate too about feeling stuck in a world that repeats cycles over and over again. Beautiful, haunting, mesmerising. Everyone should watch this.

  5. eikadu's rating of the film Waves '98

    é incrível a forma como eles conseguiram unir fotografias e imagens, como também as abstrações do filme

  6. Sergey Belov's rating of the film Waves '98

  7. luís debonoir's rating of the film Waves '98

    One of my favourite aspects was the organic integration of footage and photography with the animation, done with taste and never feeling forced. A great abstract approach, making the theme of urban monotony open to being relatable on an individual level. The elephant was, for me, a symbol for an idyllic hope of escaping the apathy and dead ends of the city life. Unreachable on the horizon, but a well needed illusion.

  8. Fernando Ospina Serna's rating of the film Waves '98

    Una interesante exploración artística del tedio en la vida moderna.

  9. panagiotatos's rating of the film Waves '98

    5/10, pretty powerful imagery but the incoherent plot makes the director's message unclear

  10. Dysproz's rating of the film Waves '98

    I was waiting for the beginning and film just ended :(

  11. captainfez's rating of the film Waves '98

  12. Graceful Photon's rating of the film Waves '98

    Visually stunning, but the entire picture feels a bit like drifting on a raft. Meditative, slow, beautiful, and a bit mystifying.

  13. Jan Ackenhausen's rating of the film Waves '98

  14. Korial's rating of the film Waves '98

  15. Paul Rot's rating of the film Waves '98

    So bad I can’t tell you.

  16. Quattro's rating of the film Waves '98

    Very good animation, very boring movie.

  17. Kristof's rating of the film Waves '98

    Films like this are the reason why I happily pay for MUBI.

  18. I.N.'s rating of the film Waves '98

    Pas de sous-titres en français. Sur le site Mubi, invitation en français à découvrir le film dont le résumé est en anglais dans l'application. Pas de sous-titres en français, uniquement en anglais. Quel avantage ? Pourquoi proposer un service en français sans l'assurer dans la même langue ? Cela ne me permet pas de découvrir les oeuvres proposées et ce n'est pas annoncé.

  19. Nina's rating of the film Waves '98

    Very touching film. Beyond the beautiful images it had a haunting feeling that hasn't left me yet. akh Beirut.

  20. Bekriah M's rating of the film Waves '98

    Poetic depiction of the paleness of a war-torn city, Beirut, and the psyche of an average young man who lives there. Reminds me of the anxious atmosphere in Limbo Beirut, a collection of incidences that intersect in one novel, in the same brutal city.

  21. meedot's rating of the film Waves '98

    This poetic, deeply moving dream-within-a-nightmare-within-a-dream is in turns melancholic and hopeful. It’s part intellect, part viscera, and all heart.

  22. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film Waves '98