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  1. Photo of Anthony Hickox

    Anthony Hickox Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Zach Galligan

    Zach Galligan Cast

  3. Photo of Jennifer Bassey

    Jennifer Bassey Cast

  4. Photo of Joe Baker

    Joe Baker Cast

  5. Photo of Deborah Foreman

    Deborah Foreman Cast

  6. Photo of Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson Cast

  7. Photo of David Warner

    David Warner Cast

  8. Photo of Eric Brown

    Eric Brown Cast

  9. Photo of Clare Carey

    Clare Carey Cast

  10. Photo of Buckley Norris

    Buckley Norris Cast

  11. Photo of Dana Ashbrook

    Dana Ashbrook Cast

  12. Photo of Micah Grant

    Micah Grant Cast

  13. Photo of Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros

    Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros Cast

  14. Photo of Jack David Walker

    Jack David Walker Cast

  15. Photo of John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies Cast

  16. Photo of Nelson Welch

    Nelson Welch Cast

  17. Photo of Miles O'Keeffe

    Miles O'Keeffe Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Bradley

    Christopher Bradley Cast

  19. Photo of Tom McGreevey

    Tom McGreevey Cast

  20. Photo of Irene Olga López

    Irene Olga López Cast

  21. Photo of Charles McCaughan

    Charles McCaughan Cast

  22. Photo of Julian Forbes

    Julian Forbes Cast

  23. Photo of Edward Ashley

    Edward Ashley Cast

  24. Photo of Kendall Conrad

    Kendall Conrad Cast

  25. Photo of Patrick Macnee

    Patrick Macnee Cast

  26. Photo of J. Kenneth Campbell

    J. Kenneth Campbell Cast

  27. Photo of Gabriella Dufwa

    Gabriella Dufwa Cast

  28. Photo of Gary M. Bettman

    Gary M. Bettman Cast

  29. Photo of James D.R. Hickox

    James D.R. Hickox Cast

  30. Photo of Candi

    Candi Cast

  31. Photo of James Lincoln

    James Lincoln Cast

  32. Photo of Gerry Lively

    Gerry Lively Cinematography

  33. Photo of Roger Bellon

    Roger Bellon Music

  34. Photo of Gianni Quaranta

    Gianni Quaranta Production Design

  35. Photo of Staffan Ahrenberg

    Staffan Ahrenberg Producer and Cast

  36. Photo of Eyal Rimmon

    Eyal Rimmon Producer

  37. Photo of William W. Edwards

    William W. Edwards Producer

  38. Photo of Gregory Cascante

    Gregory Cascante Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Dan Ireland

    Dan Ireland Executive Producer

  40. Photo of William J. Quigley

    William J. Quigley Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Mario Sotela

    Mario Sotela Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Christopher Cibelli

    Christopher Cibelli Editing