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  1. Photo of D.W. Griffith

    D.W. Griffith Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Anthony Paul Kelly

    Anthony Paul Kelly Screenplay

  3. Photo of William A. Brady

    William A. Brady Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joseph R. Grismer

    Joseph R. Grismer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lillian Gish

    Lillian Gish Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Barthelmess

    Richard Barthelmess Cast

  7. Photo of Lowell Sherman

    Lowell Sherman Cast

  8. Photo of Burr McIntosh

    Burr McIntosh Cast

  9. Photo of Kate Bruce

    Kate Bruce Cast

  10. Photo of Mary Hay

    Mary Hay Cast

  11. Photo of Creighton Hale

    Creighton Hale Cast

  12. Photo of Emily Fitzroy

    Emily Fitzroy Cast

  13. Photo of Porter Strong

    Porter Strong Cast

  14. Photo of George Neville

    George Neville Cast

  15. Photo of Edgar Nelson

    Edgar Nelson Cast

  16. Photo of G.W. Bitzer

    G.W. Bitzer Cinematography

  17. Photo of Charles Downs

    Charles Downs Cinematography

  18. Photo of Hendrik Sartov

    Hendrik Sartov Cinematography

  19. Photo of Clifford Pember

    Clifford Pember Production Design

  20. Photo of Charles O. Seessel

    Charles O. Seessel Production Design

  21. Photo of James Smith

    James Smith Editing

  22. Photo of Rose Smith

    Rose Smith Editing