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  1. Photo of Michel Boisrond

    Michel Boisrond Director

  2. Photo of Jean Aurenche

    Jean Aurenche Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pierre Bost

    Pierre Bost Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marcel Aymé

    Marcel Aymé Screenplay

  5. Photo of Françoise Arnoul

    Françoise Arnoul Cast

  6. Photo of Bourvil

    Bourvil Cast

  7. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  8. Photo of Alain Delon

    Alain Delon Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Claude Brialy

    Jean-Claude Brialy Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Mondy

    Pierre Mondy Cast

  11. Photo of Paulette Dubost

    Paulette Dubost Cast

  12. Photo of Micheline Luccioni

    Micheline Luccioni Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Lude

    Christian Lude Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Brochard

    Jean Brochard Cast

  15. Photo of Gaby Basset

    Gaby Basset Cast

  16. Photo of Claude Castaing

    Claude Castaing Cast

  17. Photo of Martine Havet

    Martine Havet Cast

  18. Photo of Sylviane Rozenberg

    Sylviane Rozenberg Cast

  19. Photo of Sandra Milo

    Sandra Milo Cast

  20. Photo of Madeleine Lebeau

    Madeleine Lebeau Cast

  21. Photo of Christian Matras

    Christian Matras Cinematography

  22. Photo of Paul Misraki

    Paul Misraki Music

  23. Photo of Léon Barsacq

    Léon Barsacq Production Design

  24. Photo of Ralph Baum

    Ralph Baum Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Louisette Hautecoeur

    Louisette Hautecoeur Editing