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  1. Photo of James W. Horne

    James W. Horne Director

  2. Photo of Stan Laurel

    Stan Laurel Producer and Cast

  3. Photo of Hal Roach

    Hal Roach Producer

  4. Photo of Charley Rogers

    Charley Rogers Screenplay

  5. Photo of Felix Adler

    Felix Adler Screenplay

  6. Photo of James Parrott

    James Parrott Screenplay

  7. Photo of Art Lloyd

    Art Lloyd Cinematography

  8. Photo of Walter Lundin

    Walter Lundin Cinematography

  9. Photo of Oliver Hardy

    Oliver Hardy Cast

  10. Photo of Sharon Lynn

    Sharon Lynn Cast

  11. Photo of James Finlayson

    James Finlayson Cast

  12. Photo of Rosina Lawrence

    Rosina Lawrence Cast

  13. Photo of Stanley Fields

    Stanley Fields Cast

  14. Photo of Vivien Oakland

    Vivien Oakland Cast

  15. Photo of Bert Jordan

    Bert Jordan Editing

  16. Photo of Marvin Hatley

    Marvin Hatley Music

  17. Photo of William Randall

    William Randall Sound

  18. Photo of Fred 'Snowflake' Toones

    Fred 'Snowflake' Toones Cast

  19. Photo of Dinah

    Dinah Cast

  20. Photo of The Avalon Boys

    The Avalon Boys Cast