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  1. Photo of Henning Carlsen

    Henning Carlsen Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Aksel Sandemose

    Aksel Sandemose Screenplay

  3. Photo of Poul Borum

    Poul Borum Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lise Fjeldstad

    Lise Fjeldstad Cast

  5. Photo of Hans Stormoen

    Hans Stormoen Cast

  6. Photo of Claus Nissen

    Claus Nissen Cast

  7. Photo of Allan Edwall

    Allan Edwall Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Lindgren

    Peter Lindgren Cast

  9. Photo of Gunnar Strømvad

    Gunnar Strømvad Cast

  10. Photo of Knud Hilding

    Knud Hilding Cast

  11. Photo of Jørgen Langebæk

    Jørgen Langebæk Cast

  12. Photo of Erling Dalsborg

    Erling Dalsborg Cast

  13. Photo of Ole Søgaard

    Ole Søgaard Cast

  14. Photo of Torben Færch

    Torben Færch Cast

  15. Photo of Ove Pedersen

    Ove Pedersen Cast

  16. Photo of Margit Carlqvist

    Margit Carlqvist Cast

  17. Photo of Flemming Dyjak

    Flemming Dyjak Cast

  18. Photo of Ole Larsen

    Ole Larsen Cast

  19. Photo of Kim Andersen

    Kim Andersen Cast

  20. Photo of Jørgen Skov

    Jørgen Skov Cinematography

  21. Photo of Finn Savery

    Finn Savery Music

  22. Photo of Bo Christensen

    Bo Christensen Producer

  23. Photo of Leif Erlsboe

    Leif Erlsboe Editing

  24. Photo of Erik Jensen

    Erik Jensen Sound