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  1. Photo of Miguel Triantafillo

    Miguel Triantafillo Screenplay

  2. Photo of Filipe Costa

    Filipe Costa Cast

  3. Photo of Fernando Ferrão

    Fernando Ferrão Cast

  4. Photo of Fernando Taborda

    Fernando Taborda Cast

  5. Photo of Ana Flávia Portezan

    Ana Flávia Portezan Cast

  6. Photo of António Ferreira

    António Ferreira Producer and Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Tathiani Sacilotto

    Tathiani Sacilotto Producer

  8. Photo of Joao Moura

    Joao Moura Music

  9. Photo of Ludgero Zorro

    Ludgero Zorro Music

  10. Photo of Ricardo Azevedo

    Ricardo Azevedo Music

  11. Photo of Pedro Nuno Vitorino

    Pedro Nuno Vitorino Music

  12. Photo of Miguel Sales Lopes

    Miguel Sales Lopes Cinematography

  13. Photo of Nuno Portugal

    Nuno Portugal Editing, Director Screenplay

  14. Photo of Diogo Costa

    Diogo Costa Sound